The City of Pigeon Forge has been participating in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) since almost the inception of the program in 1976. The NFIP program enables property owners to purchase flood insurance. In return, Pigeon Forge agrees to adopt and implements local floodplain management regulations that contribute to protecting lives and reducing the risk of new construction and substantial improvement from future flooding.

You will find all the links to everything you could possibly want to know about NFIP and Floodplain Management and Permitting. You can also come by the office and we will happily go through the process with you. We can also verify if you are in a flood area and what this means. 

To find out more about the NFIP program, please follow this link. We also have a link to the Pigeon Forge Flood map here: This link offers valuable information regarding your specific area and home. If you see that you are in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), please feel free to reach out to our office and we will gladly let you know what this means and what your responsibilities are, in the case of an event or future development.

Here is wonderful video that paints a picture of the NFIP.

An important video on Flood Risk Basics and Communities, that further explains the program.

Another great video for reference will be below. This will maybe answer some of the questions you may have.

Answers to Questions About the NFIP: Answers to Questions About the NFIP (

Here is a link to your rights as a homeowner/renter and you are deemed a Disaster Survivor.

Here is the link to full Flood Insurance Manual.

If you are interested in finding out what the steps are for getting help after a Flood Disaster event, please reference the following link. It is the desk reference for substantial damage/ substantial improvement of property. It will explain the evaluation process for a loss/improvements to a home.


The 2018 National Flood Insurance TN Quick Guide is a wonderful source of information that can explain any and all questions you may have regarding Flood Plain Management.

The link named SAMPLE PERMIT below shows you an example of what a Floodplain Development Permit could look like, so you can familiarize yourself with what is required. Here, at The City of Pigeon Forge, we accept ONLY permit applications through electronic means.  The permits are found on MyGovernmentOnline. Sample Permit

For the Elevation certificate process, we have included two examples on what could be needed. The Elevation Certificate that is required when doing any development, improvement, rebuild, or disturbance of any kind in the Special Flood Hazard Area. Elevation Certificate. In some instances, the floodproofing to the plan will require dry floodproofing. In this link, you will be able to see the form that must be filled out in order to achieve this update. FEMA Dry Floodproofing Form

Also included in the Guide is a TN Property Viewer Instructions, which will help you find your property. You can also find the information above, as a hot link, and also on our webpage.  TN Property Viewer Instructions 

As always, if you should need any further guidance or have questions, please feel free to visit us at our offices at 3211 Rena Street, Pigeon Forge, TN 37868 Phone: 865-429-7312.