How To Use The Library

Materials are divided into sections for young children (easy), middle school children (juvenile), teens (young adult), and adults.

Novels and other works of fiction are shelved alphabetically by the last name of the author.  Non-fiction (true) materials are shelved using the Dewey Decimal System. This means they are shelved in numerical order, from 000 to 999.  The Dewey Decimal System categories are:

000-099     Computers, Computer Programming, the Internet
100-199      Ethics, Psychology and Philosophy
200-299      Religion, Bible, Myths
300-399      Social Sciences, Government, Law, Fairy and Folk Tales
400-499      Languages
500-599      Science and Math
600-699      Technology, Pet Care and Hobbies
700-799      Art, Music, Crafts and Sports
800-899      Literature: Plays and Poetry
900-999      Geography, Travel, History, Biography and Autobiography

These sections are marked on the library shelves.


We have two card catalog computers at our library.  These computers show you how to locate the “address” in the library where the item is found. You may search for books using the author’s name, title, or subject matter.  The computer will give you the call number.  The call number is the information on a book’s spine that shows where it is located in the library.

A librarian will be happy to help you get familiar with the organization of our library materials.